HD Collections and Online Passes

This trend has been going on for a while in the Video Game Industry.


It all started with the harmless release of the God of War Collection (Sorry, not sure if there was one before that on the 360). It fitted into the picture since God of War 3 was about to be released. Not a bad idea, giving people the earlier games before it’s release so they’d get all fired up. I admit, I’ve bought it too since I haven’t played God of War 1 and 2. It was fun and all.


Now we have Sly Collection, Prince of Persia Trilogy, Metal Gear HD Collection, Silent Hill HD collection, Tomb Raider HD Collection and so on. Now the Achievements/Trophies for Resident Evil Code Veronica HD popped up. Square ENix also said they’d make a Final Fantasy HD collection if fans demand it.

At one point I thought all these HD collections were a fun idea. But when I see companies re releasing their old games I begin to wonder what happens to new ideas. Okay, a lot of companies keep releasing Call of Killzone 4: Modern Battlefield XIV so in some cases it’s better they re release their old games.


Now onto the next fun thing. Online Passes.


If memory serves me right, EA started this since they wanted to cash in on the used games market. Now Sony is jumping the bandwagon with it’s PSN Pass.


When asked they came up with bloated comments such as

We are always looking for new ways to offer premium services


I don’t know why they are saying this, everyone and their grandmother knows it’s all about money. I suppose it’s all about politics and sounding positive.


I’d go so far and call these Online Passes the equivalent of DRM on the PC. On the PC, publishers are still crying out loud over piracy and how it’s ruining their sales. They used to cry about that on consoles too. But it seems they realized that they can’t do anything at all about piracy on consoles and moved on to the next thing where they could cash in. In previous generations I’ve never heard a publisher complain about the used gamesmarket but out of nowhere it’s costing them millions of dollars.


While I admit, that neither the Developers nor the Publishers are getting any money out of used games sales, I still find it funny that they begin to complain about it in this generation. But I guess it’s because in this generation they have the means to an end. DLC and online play.


I wonder how the online pass thing is going to work out for the companies. I myself hardly ever redeem the codes that come with my games. I’m not really interested in online play and the cases available for LA Noire aren’t really worth my time. There are more examples but I don’t want to list them right now. But I do know that I’m not the only one who doesn’t care about these vouchers.


I once bought a used copy of Prince of Persia the forgotten Sands. The codes for PoP Classic and the other stuff were not used. Same for the used copy of Smackdown vs Raw 2011, the codes were unused. So I’m certainly not the only one not interested in these shenanigans.


So let’s see how that one turns out.

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