Pre-Order now!

While browsing the european Playstation Forums, I saw that people, who preordered the digital version of Deadly Premonition were still waiting for the release. The digital release for Deadly Premonition has been pushed back multiple times in europe, yet Sony already got the money from these users.

Preordering games was a practice in a time when manufacturing cartridges and discs was still expensive and the companies needed a rough estimate on how many units they had to produce to meet the demand. And of course, that would mean that you were guaranteed to get your game. This was a nice practice back in the day and it worked but I feel that it’s pretty obsolete in these days. Read more

Video Game Journalism II

We all knew that Video Game Sensationalism is going downhill. We have self-proclaimed journalists at Kotaku (They are just bloggers, really), youtube celebrities and twitter people with an attitude. What do they all have in common? They dismiss the basics of journalism for instant self gratification,  pageviews and retweets.

They ignore things such as “check your sources” and “stay neutral/not writing about your own emotions” for e-fame and call themselves journalists. In many cases we’ve seen how Kotaku “Journalists” repeatedly ignore the latter. Jason Cryer is the latest offender.  Read more

Video Game Journalism

üOver the past few days there has been another shitstorm in the gaming…I can’t write it with a straight face….news community. Oh god, try to bear with me here.

Anyway, we all have, at one point, seen images of Dragon’s Crown. Especially the images of the busty sorceress (I believe she’s actually a Necromancer….ess but that’s besides the point). We had these images floating around for over a year, I think, and NOW people decide to get angry about it.

It all started with Kotaku’s (where else?) blogger Jason Schreier (Schreier is german for Cryer – which is a fitting word). He basically called the artists behind the game 14 year old teenage boys. The artwork was obviously putting quite a strain on him and his conscience. But it didn’t end in his rant, it continued in the Kotaku forums.  Read more

Why the whole Tropes vs. Tropes thing is not as important we think

So Anita and her Kickstarter have been causing quite the distress lately. And that’s not just since she released the first video but actually since she started the Kickstarter.

I have to confess, I didn’t follow the whole ordeal – I didn’t really care about her project or the outrage that her project caused. I gotta say, the outraged people who were really vocal about it, didn’t really help their case as it made the whole ordeal bigger than it actually is. A woman attacked on the internet by angry nerds – that proved to be quite the cannon fodder for Kotaku & Co. Read more

How to be a useless bum and still make money

It’s quite easy. You only require a few things.

  • A defunct online game
  • People willing to sacrifice bandwidth for power on said online game
  • Exploitable userbase with PayPal accounts and too much money

It all started out harmlessly. Crono asked for donations so he could keep on paying bills for running PSO. Sounds fair and square. Then he added something nifty for the players so they’d be more inclined to pay. Read more

Mass Effect, Forbes and Rustled Jimmies

Since the release of Mass Effect 3 there has been quite some controversy surrounding that game. People didn’t like the colorful endings, the animations were sub par, the writing was terrible and Shepard was, out of nowhere, gay. Add some Day 1 DLC and you can be sure that there are a lot of rustled jimmies in the gaming community. Now add some freelance blogger for Forbes into that mix and everybody’s jimmies are being rustled. Hard.

For the most part regarding Mass Effect 3 I can’t say much. I haven’t played the game and from what I’ve seen, I’ll never be playing the game. People believe that many fans are just suffering homophobia but I don’t really think that this is the issue. Of course, it’s kind of sketchy that Shepard can be gay in the final game of the series. It’s kind of weird that he wasn’t able to pursue a homosexual relationship since the first game. Then there is the issue of how it’s being represented. Read more

PSU Presidency Elections are over!

PSU has it’s very own new president.
Meet your new PSU president.

Remmy will make the world of PSU a better place. Less taxes, less booters and terrible fines for criminal scammers.

Earlier today Remmy was left into office and had to swear the oath before god, the PSU mods and Clumyorchid. Sadly it turned out that he is a nigger and thus the thread was quickly moved to hide the evidence. But campaigners BGO and bloodflowers have copied his opening speech right here and here.

All hail our new PSU Overlord Dumbass Nigger President for he will make this game a greater place for everyone.


So I decided to look into server applications that offer something that loosely resembles Photobucket.

After going through several applications that were advertised as such but didn’t offer what I was looking for, I finally found it in Coppermine.

Here are some pointers  Read more

Bitches love cooking.

We all know bitches love cooking and are impressed when their guy serves some awesome meal. Well at least mine does. And it’s simple really.

You need

  • Potatoes
  • Some Instant stuff for Potato Gratin
  • Cheese
  • Some cream

Fill a pot with water, add the cream, add the instant stuff, peel potatoes, cut them and toss them in. Cook it until the potatoes are good (Contrary to popular belief you’d have to eat 25 kg of raw potatoes for their poison to work, so try to poison her with something else).

Now toss some of that delicious potato stuff into a bowl. Then add some cheese. Then add more of that potato stuff, add cheese, etc. until the bowl is full. Cover it with more cheese and done. Put it into the oven and wait. Once done in the oven, let it cool off a bit before serving.

Done. Your bitch is now impressed, loves you and gives it up to you. It’s that easy.

PC Gaming

At work I’ve been asked quite a lot of times why I don’t play, newer, games on the PC. I usually tell people that I don’t want to deal with DRM which often earns me some weird looks.

The way I see it, as a paying and honest customer, I’m treated like a ticking timebomb. Always ready to turn around and pirate whatever game I feel like pirating. While the I can understand the publisher’s concerns (protecting their money) I simply don’t like jumping through burning hoops to be able to play the product that I’ve paid for. Read more